A recent study shows that people who are in a relationship, especially those who have received the sacrament of matrimony, are happier compared to those who are still single. There are many reasons for this conclusion, one of which is that married couples have already attained a high level of satisfaction. They experience bliss because they get to wake up with the people they love every single day. Because of this, some experts have concluded that marriage is good for a person’s mental health.


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If there is one thing that needs your full attention today, it is improving your psychological well-being. With all the current things happening in your life right now, you sometimes forget the significance of caring for your mental health. You have so many tasks to complete every day to the point that you have forgotten how to nourish yourself with the right amount of vitamins and even good vibes. Take note that failure to focus on your mental condition could have adverse effects on your life, career, and relationships with others.

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When it comes to finding a psychiatrist to help you deal with a mental condition, the one thing you need to know is the importance of building confidence and trust towards the health doctor. There is a necessity to look for the best medical professional in your community so that there would be ease in the treatment process. Take note that the secret or key to a successful recovery from a mental illness is to work closely with the psychiatrist. For this to become possible, it is essential to find a doctor whom you can be comfortable with. “The foundation of therapy is based on the relationship you build with your therapist. When seeking someone out it’s important you feel comfortable with them,” says Elana Schechtman-Gil LMFT.



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Here are some of the essential skills you need to look out for:


An excellent psychiatrist is one who knows what he is doing. He must be considered as an outstanding professional in the medical community. Take note that there can be many complications in your mental condition. As such, the knowledge of a health doctor is significant in creating an effective treatment plan. Make sure to look at the medical background of the doctor before consulting.



As much as possible, find a doctor who has authority over your person. Keep in mind that you need a professional who could make you undergo several processes. Having a mental condition can bring a lot of emotional disturbances in your life. There could be times when you may lose hope. Because of this, the assistance of an authoritative psychiatrist may come in handy.



A great doctor is someone who does not only see you as a patient but also a friend. He needs to be understanding and patient about what you are going through. He must be gentle in handling your case. You deserve a psychiatrist who could go to extra lengths to make you feel safe and comfortable. Avoid dealing with incompetent and impatient psychiatrist.



Another essential skill that a psychiatrist must have is that he must be competent in all professional dealings. He must know how to address each case with precision properly. Mental health illnesses may vary from one person to another. Because of this, one treatment plan cannot be made applicable to two different patients. Therefore, you must choose a doctor who provides the right diagnosis and treatment for your condition. Julie Simon, PsyD once stated, “I view therapy as a collaborative, dynamic, and individualized process. I have a warm and engaging style and am flexible in adapting therapy to meet your needs and goals.”



A psychiatrist must also know how to respect personal boundaries. He must be a person with proven integrity. Most importantly, this doctor must know how to handle confidentiality matters. Take note that communications made between you and the doctor must be kept private at all times. This means that he is not allowed to divulge any information or data without your consent. Otherwise, he can be subjected to a civil or administrative case. “A good therapist should be open and willing to understand your concerns. If your counselor doesn’t take your concerns seriously or is unwilling to accept feedback, then it’s probably in your best interest to consult with another therapist about it.” Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC said.



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Remind yourself of the skills listed above. Be sure to create a checklist of the skills to look for before hiring a psychiatrist. Do not rush into choosing the doctor who will handle your case. It takes patience before you could find the right doctor for you. Once you find the perfect health professional, everything will be worth it.


There are many ways on how people could improve their mental health, one of which is online therapy, which has become popular in recent years. This mode of treatment is unique because the therapists and clients are no longer required to meet in an actual office. They can talk about the issues, take quizzes and discuss essential matters through a remote environment. All these make online counseling highly preferred by a lot of troubled individuals.

“Online therapy is also known as teletherapy, online counseling, distance therapy, internet therapy, e-therapy, telehealth, telebehavioral health, email therapy, text therapy, phone counseling.” –Sena Moran, LMHC

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“Mind over Matter.”

This mantra is a perfect representation of mental health wherein there can never be physical and emotional well-being if there is instability in the mental health of every individual. It plays a vital role in the holistic well-being of every person; the power of the mind has the potential of overcoming physical and emotional battles. But, when the battle itself must be fought inside the mind, then mental health is at risk. Mental Health has been considered by the WHO as one of the significant health issues worldwide because over 800,000 people die because of suicide each year.

“Mental health issues can be caused by a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors, and can have a minor or major impact on a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.” –Christina L. Gmyr, LMHC, NCC

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Considered to be one of the major health issues worldwide, mental health has also taken its toll in Australia. Mental illnesses are the third leading cause of disability in the country. The number of persons having mental illness has grown in such a tantamount figure that modification of existing programs and the creation of new strategies to address these concerns are required with utmost necessity. The government of Australia, on the other hand, is making its best efforts in addressing the pressing problem in the mental health status of every Australian.

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Hearing the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be hard to take in not only for the patient but the whole family as well. Who will be delighted to hear that they will slowly lose their memory and abilities to perform daily tasks or routines? Family members would be devastated to hear that a loved one might need care and assistance in their day to day life and most of all, it might be possible that the person with Alzheimer’s wouldn’t be able to identify his/her family circle. Alzheimer’s disease will bring forth emotions such as anger, depression, frustration, hopelessness, and fear. Since there’s no cure for the disease, the management of the disorder is multifaceted. It can include several modalities: environment, exercise, diet, and medication. Due to the progression of the disease, treatment plans might change accordingly depending on the stages of Alzheimer’s where the patient is currently experiencing.

Safe Environment

It is vital to provide a familiar and safe environment for Alzheimer’s patients since it will reduce risks and incidence of accidents like hits and bumps on the furniture, slips and falls and hazardous materials such as stoves, matches, etc. Place everyday objects in areas where they are accessible for the patient to find. It is best to place them in one location, possibly a table near the door or a basket in the living room. Keeping keys, mobile phones, and wallets together in an easy to remember place will result in less time and a less challenging task of living in the house without forgetting daily essentials. Investing in a tracking device or mobile application will give other family members a sense of peace of mind just in case the patient gets lost or confused.  It is best to position familiar objects like family memorabilia, photographs and souvenirs around the house to promote memory.


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Exercise is known and tested to improve a person’s wellbeing. It can help with overall health, combat stress, help in falling asleep and improve mood. A walk around the garden or gentle cycling on a stationary bike might be helpful to improve the body’s blood circulation and muscle strength. “There are many examples of physical activity that range in levels of intensity from light to vigorous. Maintaining your physical health can include yoga, bike riding, jumping rope, engaging in sports, running, walking, jogging, skiing, dancing, tennis, and gardening.” Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC said.


Patients with Alzheimer’s disease might forget to eat and drink and may develop difficulty in preparing their food. Prepare healthy and filling snacks in the fridge or make calorie-rich smoothies to ensure they are achieving their daily caloric intake. As John M. Grohol, Psy.D. explains, “A balanced diet that includes lots of fiber helps keep your gut system running efficiently by helping to support a more diverse gut microbiome.” Also, make sure that prepared food is easy to chew and digest. Provide an ample amount of water or juice throughout the day. However, limit caffeinated drinks and increasing intake during nighttime to avoid disruption of sleep.


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There are various medications utilized in the management of Alzheimer’s disease. This includes cholinesterase inhibitors, which function by boosting the communication of brain cells and meantime, which slows down the progression of disease symptoms. Take note – these medications will always have side effects: sleep disturbance, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, headache, dizziness, and low heart rate. Be aware of the possible symptoms of medications such as anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants. But note that “It’s important to underscore here the importance of monitoring your mental health and knowing how different medications and lifestyle changes can impact your mental health.” Julia Hogan, LCPC said.


Family members, as well as the patient with Alzheimer’s, should work hand in hand to show solidarity in times of suffering and pain. Taking care of an individual with Alzheimer’s disease will require lots of patience and assistance from each other. Thus, it is best for the family to function well as a team.


Knowing the signs of mental illness is difficult since it has a broad range of cases. It will require a lot of tests and processes that can identify its diagnosis and only a mental health expert can determine the behavioral changes. The disorder is widespread and over millions of people are suffering from such conditions. It drastically affects a person’s relationship, work, family, and other aspects of life.


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Mental illness has been widely acknowledged all over the world. It has been reported to increase its cases over the past few years. Studies and examinations have been dealing with the disorder and trying to identify its severity. Researchers have been seeking to understand how they can manage to create a keen awareness of its effect on a person’s daily life and to his long-term health conditions. It is more than just a feeling of emotional breakdown, and certain medications and medical treatments must be considered.


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