Letting Go Of An Ex: How To Do It

Do you want to move on from a broken marriage? Are you struggling to survive the breakup or divorce? Are you having difficulty handling custody issues with your former husband? If your answer is yes, then this article is perfect for you. In this write-up, we are going to list down some of the tips that you could use so that you can learn how to let go of an old flame.


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First of all, it is significant to emphasize that hating your former partner is only typical especially if the marriage did not end in a good way. “Humans are complex and all of us experience emotions like anger and sadness, so it’s very normal that at some point in the relationship, you will disagree with your partner.” Maryann W. Mathai, LPCC, LMHC, LPC, NCC said. You have every right to hate your ex-husband after the divorce. However, you must not let it consume all of you. It is essential to find some ways on how you could move on right away. The more hate you have for him, the more complicated it can become for you and your kids. Here are some tips you have to remember:


  1. Find A New Passion. Getting over an ex is difficult, which is why it is important to find a new passion that can keep you busy. Now is the perfect time to step out of the comfort zone and invest your time in something that can make you feel happy. Take note that just because you have a new hobby does not mean that the recovery process will be fast. There is a need to keep yourself preoccupied until you completely get over your ex. “If emotions become heightened, it’s a good idea to implement a safe word prior to the discussion which indicates that one of the partners needs to take a break.” A reminder from Michelle Smith, LMHC.
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  1. Return All His Stuff. Keeping a thing that will only remind you of your ex will make the moving on the process more difficult than ever. As such, you must see to it that you pack up all the stuff he left at home and give it to him Do not wait for too long before completing this step. The earlier you return his personal belongings and other stuff, the easier it is for you to start moving on.
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  1. Go On A Date. Take note that going out on a date does not mean getting into another relationship right away. What you need to do is to put yourself out there. Stop wallowing in depression and stress. Instead, find ways to connect with other people. It is time to go out and have fun with friends or acquaintances. Once you start dating men, you will gain more self-confidence or self-esteem. Feeling better about yourself would inspire you to let go of your former lover.



“Often, one or both partners can begin to feel they have married the wrong person.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC elaborates. Moving on from a broken relationship or failed marriage is complicated. However, if you set your heart into doing it, everything becomes possible. There will be days when you may be tempted to get in touch with an ex. Be sure to fight this urge because you will end up getting hurt in the end. Remind yourself why the relationship ended in the first place. There is a reason why you have separated from your husband. Do not go back to the old situation where you are no longer happy. It is time to let go.