Mental Illness: Causes And Prevention

Mental illness has always been a multifactorial disorder. This means that no singular cause or factor can lead one to develop psychological disturbance. To date, there is no specific cause for why such conditions persist and continue to compromise one’s healthy living. It is an assurance that continued studies are being done to examine and investigate this purpose. This article will discuss the already known causes of mental illness and ways to prevent it. There are also readings in Continue reading “Mental Illness: Causes And Prevention”

The Mental Health Team

Persons with mental health disorders need medical and psychological attention. In seeking mental health services, the primary care provider or general physician will make the referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist for the initial psychological evaluation. Once the person enters the care treatment, there are other specialists involved to partake in the treatment plan. They are collectively called mental health professionals. This article will identify the members of the mental health team and discuss their specific roles to the overall management and care of the person seeking mental health treatment.


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The Rights of Individuals with Mental Illness

History tells us horrific stories on how the public treated persons with mental illness. Even until now in the modern times, where research, psychiatry, and healthcare information technology are making things possible to spread awareness and help those inflicted with varied mental illness, denial and stigmatization are still the greatest obstacles to make initiatives happen.


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